Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W

Semi flexible solar panel can charge for any rechargeable battery. It is powerful enough to power up a electric golf car, electric car/bike, patrol car, travel turism car, yacht, boat, sailboats, motorhome, RV, expedition vehicles, commercial trucks/trailers, caravans, campervan, lorry, trailer, cabin, tent, mobile homes, more roof layouts, any other irregular surface roof power generation, off-grid solar power system etc.

  • Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W
  • Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W
  • Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W
  • Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W


High efficiency America SunPower solar cell >22.5%

ETFE lamination lifespan >15 years 

PET lamination lifespan >6years

Super thin 3mm

Super light, 100w only 1.95KG

semi flexible, waterproof, durable for vehicles roofing system

producing 30% higher power than conventional solar panel

GS-SP-100W           100W Semi flexible Sunpower solar panel  

Solar cell  

Sunpower solar cell 125×125mm          

Laminated way          

PET+2EVA+CELL+2EVA+White/Black TPT      

No.of cells and connections    


Test condition           

AM1.51000W/m², 25°C              

Operating Temperature       




Maximum power(Pm)        


Voltage at max power(Vmp)     


Current at max power(Imp)     


Short circuit current(Isc)      


Open circuit voltage(Voc)      


Dimension of module       




Junction Box/Connector       

Ip65 rated  MC4                



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Semi Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel 100W

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